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Nathalie Loma was born in 1987 in the beautiful country of Cameroon. Sadly, two months after her birth, Nathalie’s father passed away. The sudden passing of Nathalie’s father created financial hardships for Nathalie and her mother. To make ends meet, Nathalie’s mother taught herself to sew and became a seamstress and dressmaker specializing in African fabric and special event clothing.

Nathalie grew up watching her mother making beautiful clothes for others while providing for her family. She watched and learned from her Mother and fell in love with fashion. As she stated in her last interview,” I remember seeing my Mom look at fabric and asked it what it wanted; it was as if she knew the garment would speak back to her. This is something I have cherished and incorporated in my work as a designer”.


Pursuing a better life through education, Nathalie moved to the USA in 2006, to study Journalism and Broadcasting. After graduating she hosted red carpet events, fashion shows and worked as a fashion writer. She quickly realized her love for fashion was imbedded in her DNA and as much as she loved broadcasting and journalism, fashion was pulling her in every direction.


With the passion to become a designer Nathalie rented a small workroom and spent every working moment designing and sewing her line. Nathalie looks forward to every opportunity to create the perferct garment for each client.


With her Mother as her continued role model and support, Nathalie has been able to overcome life challenges and pursue her dreams. She mentors and encourages students in high school because more than anyone Nathalie understands the importance of following your heart’s desire.

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